Teatro Micaelense

Teatro Micaelense is a building space for the present and the future. It is one of the most important structures of cultural and social life for the Azorean people.


It's a center in the activity of the island of São Miguel.

Visual Concept
Logo & Design System

Identity is the construction of culture and culture shape identity. The institutional communication of the theater needs to bring together its classic culture with popular culture and respective trends in a way that reflects the contemporary cultural environment itself.


Theater must be a living dialogue: culture for everyone and everyone is for culture.

Culture, and theater, must be everywhere.

TM logo becomes the brand of Teatro Micaelense that is easily recognizable by the public and shows its own versatility.
Shakespeare's Posters

Shakespeare's themes reflect the most humane and are therefore timeless themes: jealousy, anger, passion, envy, sacrifice, ingratitude, friendship and our internal conflict between reason and emotion.

In São Miguel, volcanic rocks predominate that become a unique feature of the island. The stones symbolize the rawness of the plays but, at the same time, the “ironic” lightness with which William Shakespeare approaches these themes.

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